The planning process to update the Comprehensive Plan will inlcuded four phases as follows:

  • Phase One - Background Information Update and Mapping (January - March)
  • Phase Two - Vision and Public Input (March - June)
  • Phase Three - Preparation of the Comprehenive Plan Update (June - December)
  • Phase Four - Adoption Process (January - April)

Phase One

The first phase will include updating background information and conducting data analysis. This will provide an examination of a wide range of data points related to land use, development, environmental features, infrastructure, existing plans, and similar information. The background data analysis and related mapping is anticipated to be completed by March 2022.  

Phase Two

Phase two will inlcude an online community survey, which will collect information from residents about their concerns and ideas for the future. A visioning workshop will be held with the Town Council and Planning Board to review and discuss key issues identified during the background information update and community survey components of the process.  Once the workshop is completed, an all-day public input workshop will be held for residents to provide additional input into the direction of the Plan.  The public input and workshop results will be reviewed by the Planning Board prior to the drafting of the Plan update.

 Phase Three

The Planning Board will meet during the months of June through December to develop the draft Comprehensive Plan update. 

Phase Four

The Planning Board will make a recommendation to Town Council followed by a presentation of the draft Plan at a public meeting.  The Town Council will hold a Public Hearing in April to consider the adoption of the updated Comprehensive Plan. Please stay connected to find out ways that you can be involved throughout the process!